0, IMAGES FROM FRANCESCA NIMMO INTERVIEW1,Cottenham Point to Point 27-11-162,Barbury Point to Point 4-12-163,Larkhill Point to Point 11-12-164,The Cambrdigeshire Harriers Hunt Club Point top point Cottenham 31-12-165,Barbury International Racing Club Point to point 14-1-176Larkhill Racing Club Point to point Larkhill 8-1-177, Waveney Harriers Point top Point Higham 29-1-178,Horseheath Point to Point 5-2-179, The Cambridge University Draghounds Point topoint Cottenham 11-2-1710,Vine &Craven Hunt Point to point Barbury Racecourse 12-2-17 (2)11, North Norfolk Harriers Point to Point 19-2-1712, Thurlow  Point to point Horseheath 25-12-1713,Kingston Blount Racing Club Kingston Blount 4-3-1714,New Forest hounds Point to Point  5-3-1715,NFU Mitual &Hampshire Hunt point to point    12-3-1716, High Easter Racing Club Meeting High Easter 18-3-1717,The Oakley Hunt meeting at Brafield-on-the-Green 19-3-1718, Puckeridge Hunt Point to point Horseheath 25-3-1719, Avon Vale Point to Point Larkhill 1-4-1720,West Norfolk Hunt Point to Point Fakenham Racecourse 2-4-1721, The Essex Hunts Point to point High Easter 8-4-17All Photographs-photos22,Tedworth Hunt Point to Point Barbury racecourse 9-4-1723,The Essex and Sulfolk Hunt meet at Higham 15-4-1724, The Vine and Craven Hunt Point to Point Hackwood Park 17-4-1725,The Old Surrey,Burstow & West Kent hunt, Penhurst 22-4-1726,The Farmers Bloodhounds meet at Whitfeild 23-4-1727, Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chase Hunt Point To Point Northaw 1-5-1728, Kimblewick Hunt Point to Point, Kingston Blount 7-5-1729,Surrey Union Hunt Point to Point Pepper Harrow 13-5-1730, The Grafton Hunt Point to Point Whitfield 14-5-1731,United Hunts Meeting Fontwell Park 18-5-1732, Anglo Irish Kingston Blount 26-5-1733,Berks & Bucks and RMAS Draghounds Point to Point Kingston Blount 28-5-1734,Tiverton Staghounds Point to Point Bratton Down 11-6-2735,Torrington Farmers Point to Point Umberleigh 17-6-17